Meet Cynthia Leblanc

Cynthia worked in the Aerospace industry for over 15 years selling high-end metals, and consulting companies around the world about material suitability and government specification requirements.

After starting a family she decided to make a shift and pursue a career in the home furnishings industry. Her path to Interior Design wasn’t a traditional one. She opened Beautiful Spaces a Custom Window Treatments business. Helping clients choose suitable fabrics, designing window treatments, measuring, and fabricating the final product. Established in 2006 Beautiful Spaces, now Cynthia LeBlanc Interior Design still specifies and fabricates custom window treatments today, many of which Cynthia fabricates herself.


At Cynthia LeBlanc Interior Design our goal is to inspire, educate, problem solve, and finally to design spaces for our client that they will love to live in and create memories in for years to come.

We also bring a unique, often overlooked, perspective to the design process, through our 13 years of experience and expertise, specifying, designing, and fabricating custom luxury window treatments.

Rooted in a lifelong love and study of art, design, textiles, and human nature. Cynthia holds the belief that your artwork should strike an emotional cord, and that a beautiful home is so much more than just decoration

This unique combination elevates the design experience for our clients, and, brings functional clarity, visual beauty, and emotional well-being to their home.

“Being invited to someone’s home, the process of listening, envisioning, and executing positive change is very personal and rewarding. We are not doing brain surgery here, but the home is where most of our most treasured memories are being made. We take this pretty seriously!”

“When we have transformed a dysfunctional or outdated space into one that our clients love, this is the why behind what we do.”

 —Cynthia LeBlanc

“I had made the decision early on to sell directly to the client. I like the process and the building of the relationship.”

Owning and operating a successful custom window treatment fabrication business is a good place to learn about combining pattern, scale, color, problem-solving, listening to and interpreting client needs.

“Clients were almost always looking for help with more than just window treatments.
I jumped in and have never looked back.” 

Cindy later went back to school and got a degree in Interior Design.

“I’m really happy that I chose to further my education in design. Education is always valuable, and it is important to me to bring the very best to my clients.”

So much of what I do comes from my innate and practiced sense of color, scale and composition through my own love of sketching, watercolor painting and years of experience doing the work of Interior Design.

Cynthia credits her mother for teaching her important lessons about sustainability, long before it became a much talked about subject.

Growing up in a small home with a very modest income, my mom always had a way of making our home look wonderful. Buying things that were not going to last just wasn’t an option. I think I got a lot of my design sensibilities early on from her.

Buy the very best you can afford. Purchase items that can be used in multiple ways in different parts of your home. Don’t be too concerned with trend. Buy with an eye for lasting design appeal.

Traditional lines never go out of fashion. Oh, and lastly, and probably my favorite, try slapping some paint on it!

“I still hold these philosophies close to my heart.”

Inspiration is everywhere! 

Cynthia finds inspiration in artwork, nature, travel, the changing seasons, and particularly birds.

“I love watching birds. They change their colors with the season and are just fascinating to watch.”

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